My Liquid Fish - Change Made Simple

This is the follow up book to How to heal yourself and others now. If you have taken a variety of healing modalities, and read various books on spiritual gifts and how to books on healing, this book is for you. If you are that person that always believed that there was a simpler way to change things in an instant, this book is for you

Tell The Fish

If you or someone you love reads their astrology every day, this is a great addition. A large book filled with daily inspirational stories and powerfully encoded spirit filled affirmations. This is an ideal gift for those looking for daily inspiration every day of the year. It will allow one to become more awake, invigorated and filled with positive energy. It took 7 years to write!



How to Heal Yourself and Others Now is about how to apply spiritual, energetic healing to your day to day life. It is filled with theories on how to create an easier more flowing life and contains a new easy to master form of healing that is simple, deep and can with practice profoundly change any and everything in your life.

"Take Action Now!" by Jimmy Mack, Bob Proctor, and Maria Nemeth
Expert Coaches Share Their Secrets For Success and give their advice on what has worked for them and what will work for you.

To learn the MyLiquidFish™ technique, you need not take weekend courses, study huge books, download endless systems, or practice dozens of healing modalities. You need not meditate with a yogi in a cave for twenty-five years to figure out how to do this. I have done all of those things and more already and I am presenting this technique to you as a culmination of all of it melded into one thing. 
In the book, I will explain it to you in simple terms and within minutes you will be able to practice and play with the symbol and try it out on every conceivable type of person, place, thing, situation, pet, disease, disorder, phobia, fear, financial issue, weight issue, sexual hangup and most anything else you can come up with.

Introducing the MyBeliefworks™ Audio Series

Each MyBeliefworks™ audio clearing is like having a 3 hour private session with me because I will facilitate changes for you on over 100 positive and negative belief statements for each specific topic just by listening to each 20 minute recording

My aim is to contribute to others in any way I can to their healing and expansion and to getting their heart's desire.  These recordings are a way for me to serve a larger group and to create more and faster change for everyone.

Because I was so deeply guided by the Divine throughout this entire process, you'll find that these clearing statements are probably unlike ones you've heard before and will get to blocks on a whole new level. They are so jam packed full of new programming it would take me three hours at $125/hour to work on you for all the material available here.

Listening to these 20 minute audios uses the power of Jimmy’s MyLiquidFish™ technology to clear out negative blocks and add in that which will enhance your life in a fraction of the time.  It creates a shooting star of energy and will take up to the void/heaven/clouds what is weak and no longer serves you or it will bring strength down into you for what is useful or positive.

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