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Clearwater, Florida. USA

I have been in the healing, energetic, spiritual, psychic world for over 25 years.

I came from a very Western traditional medicine family, but I always sensed that there was something more. I have found over time that working with the human, very often their pet friends can exude the same diseases and disorders as their human family is displaying or experiencing. In short, when we can work on either the pet or the human, often both shift in a positive manner. I have work/played with a variety of animals and have had incredible results in changing and shifting conditions, diseases and disorders that were once considered incurable.  I often like to say, your results may vary!  And “there are no guarantees” but for those who have furry family members who have been written off by western medicine or who just need a basic tune up, miracles can and often do show up.


My little girl Pink was lost in Largo by my ex husband on a Monday. My first call was to Jimmy Mack who immediately started working on her safe recovery. He said he saw her with a man. It was later learned she was picked up on 49th street just south of ulmerton road by a homeless man who traveled around the corner to ulmerton rd where he put her back in the street. She then crossed the 6 lanes of ulmerton road to find shelter behind a building surrounded by chain link fencing. Jimmy accurately predicted that I would get her back by the weekend, which at the time seemed impossible.  A group of hard working men noticed her on Wednesday , they began feeding her & trying to trap her. They were successful on Saturday , and I got her back that day. She was in such bad shape that I believe she would not lived one more day. It's simply a miracle that I credit Jimmy with. Pink & I are forever grateful to him!

Jimmy Mack is great for what ails your pets too!  My beloved Suki fell off a seawall, and thankfully I was able to jump in and rescue him.  We were both shaken, panicked, and traumatized by the incident. Jimmy was able to quickly release it all from our energy, and Suki and I were calm and well within a very short time.  Whenever there's something amiss with Suki, I call Jimmy because I know he's able to help. I highly recommend Jimmy!

Sandy Schell, ACST, LWC
CranioSacral Therapist, Healer, Author, Speaker 

My 7.5-year-old dog Casey (a Coton de Tulear) experienced his third bout of debilitating back pain in March 2013 accompanied by the blood-curdling screams and screeches that preceded disc neurosurgeries in April then August 2012. I chose to pursue only alternative treatments for this episode. Failure meant letting Casey go, a traumatic and bitterly painful possibility.

The veterinary acupuncturist was very helpful, but exhausted his extensive toolkit. Casey continued to exhibit bouts of horrific pain.  I had recently experienced Theta Healing to be extremely powerful and read about its success with pets. In my panic and refusal to see “vets with knives,” I Googled “theta healing pets.”  Jimmy Mack’s web page was among the few in the match list and I was immediately drawn to it and him.

For a fraction of the cost of an MRI and with incalculable gain, Casey is a pain-free, happy, active, bouncy dog (yes, back to his demanding and oft-whiny self, but I’ll take it!), has released trauma from his puppy mill origin, knows what it means to be a dog, and has agreed not to take on and mirror back “my stuff” anymore.  Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan says, “You don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need.”  The converse must likewise be true, “You don’t get the human you want, you get the human you need.” Casey and I are evidence of these statements, as Jimmy worked with Casey’s human to bring balance and healing to this divinely ordained relationship and to each of us individually.  

Sappy as it may seem, I’m compelled to include a final thought here inspired by the classic film To Sir, with Love. “How do you thank someone who has taken [your healing] from crayons to perfume?”

Blessings!!! Debbie


Thank you for healing my precious 4-legged angels. You are the best at what you do!


Nancy Pristine

Hi Jimmy,
Last night was wonderful!  Both Cody and Daisy had lighter energy afterwards, and the concerned furrow that was always between Cody's eyes disappeared.  He's had a tendency to tilt his head down a bit and look out the top of his eyes, and now his gaze is straight on and happy.  Daisy is moving more easily and came up several times last night to get pets.  As rescued dogs, they both came from sad backgrounds and carried physical and emotional scars.  Thank you for working with them - I really see a difference!

                             Thanks,  Maria D

Hi - for those of you reading this - know that animals can communicate when they are ready to stay and when they are ready to transition from their earth life. I have two stories to share - a dog and a cat story.  They were both old and had wonderful lives.  Our dog Hannah was a yellow Labrador Retriever.  We got Hannah as a puppy and she was with us for 16 wonderful years.  Toward the end as she began to slow down and was a little unsteady walking, I worked with Jimmy and we did healing work and Hannah was with us for many additional months.  But in May, when we knew she was ready to transition, I worked to Jimmy to relieve her fear, to give her love, and to know that she would always be loved.  A wonderful lady with PETS AT THE END came to our home and allowed Hannah a painless transition.  I tell you this story because for our cat MOUNTAIN the scenario was different.  She had always been a shy cat.  She was also 15 years old because she and Hannah joined our family the same year.  Finally, I asked Jimmy - I just did not think of it before - to check in on Mountain.  She was just plain scared of EVERYTHING.  After her "session" she would sit on my lap and it was like night and day!   I knew that she was not well this summer and I had a session with Jimmy one Saturday morning and we "checked in on Mountain", I had been up with her all night and I knew she was sick.  Jimmy worked with her and she was instantly better - her energy, she was eating again...she was just happy.  Your pets will know that you are trying to help!

Love your pet, enjoy your pet, but if you feel a connection that they are asking for healing, love, light, or whatever you feel - ask Jimmy to connect with the animal - you will be amazed.  But when they are ready to transition you must also have the courage to let them go with comfort, grace and ease.   Want something to keep yourself busy:  MAKE A PAW PRINT today!  Get a kit at the art store and make a paw print so that your best friend is with you always!


The “Jimmy Mack”

Re: Feedback on all our work together

Jimmy, let me just start by saying how blessed I am that my friends decided to check out this “crazy guy” in Tampa a year ago. Being a long time seeker on the road toward what Socrates described as “know thy self”, I have experienced many different techniques on the path.

It should have been a no brainer for me to realize what goes for us should be the same for animals and nature. After all aren’t we all one and the same? Running a “natural farm” you would think I would have known this. What a wonderful surprise to learn that the animals respond so easily to your combination of Theta/Matrix Energetics/Access Consciousness.

The energy at our raw dairy farm, and therefore the energy in and surrounding the animals, can be manipulated(for lack of a better word) in such a way as to make it easier to release, resolve, dissolve and disentangle anything that is disempowering them. In my case, due to our choice of not using standard chemicals, dewormers , and antibiotics on or in our animals, we were dealing with quite a challenge concerning parasites and bacteria, including mastitis, until we started to treat the animals and their surroundings as we treat our selves. We all know these issues didn’t start with the ailments I have described, they were symptoms. Thank you for being you, and more importantly providing service to others in the way you do

The farm and the animals are more peaceful and serene and therefore in balance. If the farm and animals are in balance they no longer need the sign posts if you will, that include illness and dis-ease to let the world know things are out of balance.

Thanks Jimmy,

Grant Wilson
Managing Member
20158 Bauer Hockley Rd
Tomball, Tx. 77377

I have known Jimmy for many years now and have had several sessions with him.  He is an exceptionally gifted spiritual healer who has an amazing intuitive ability to access information from within the field that is transformational on all levels. Playing in the field with Jimmy has had a profound and noticeable affect on my emotional, physical and mental life and has opened doors for me in all areas.  His deep grasp and understanding of what it means to truly access infinite possibility is just one of his many talents, and coupled with his fun, loving, presence, is life changing. His commitment and dedication to continually expand his healing abilities in service of all who come to him is to be commended.  I am truly grateful and honored to have someone like Jimmy in my life. 

Lara Allison DVM
Level, 1,2,3 & 4 Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

Hi Jimmy

I really love love love radio interview with you. I am so thankful for opportunity to know you. Buddy like to say Hi to you and also Benji my other dog and Venus and Sunny our animal family. Love Monika and Radomil

My animal communicator checked in with Shimmer yesterday and she did a body scan on his shoulder said it was completely held together with white light he no longer has the rotated coffin/pedal bone….and Nakita (playing Unicorn on the right) has released a lot of anger today……..much softer!  

Hugs and thank you from the both of us,,,,,,,,,


Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557
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