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Jimmy Mack opened the doors for me to access the true spirit from all dimensions, and internally to become the sculptor, husband, father,
businessman, and spiritual being I always knew I could be. Why people like him aren't sought after by hundreds of people a day I'll ever understand. I call him to check on me and how I test with the angels. Jimmy will and
forever be a part of my life and success

Many blessings,

Gregory Marra
Founder/ Lead Sculptor
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The Healing Tree

Healing from your deepest subconscious - and beyond


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I created this painting by focusing on the energy of a story and vision of a powerful Florida Theta and matrix energetics practitioner named Jimmy Mack. This is not my story or vision. Rather it is a painting where I channeled Jimmy Mack's energy and vision, a vision I believe in.

Jimmy Mack Photo

Jimmy Mack whose 
comatose vision
inspired this painting




Several years ago, during a routine hospital visit, Jimmy ended up in the ICU, in a comatose state, near death for several days. But this was not some random occurrence or accident. While unconscious,

he was shown, blazing colorful portals, indescribable sights, sounds and holy beings not of this world. He was able to maintain these connections even after he regained consciousness.


During his illness, Jimmy was given the ability to spiritually and energetically heal himself as well as others. Moreover, he could now change belief driven future outcomes, helping people gain control of their lives and their world. By accessing the other side, he could eliminate the effects of negative beliefs and clear the way for positive ones to take root.





Like all of my other paintings, I did not create this one by thinking about structures, colors or painting techniques. Rather, I just threw out my intention, to capture and create an object that emits the energy of Jimmy Mack's vision. Then I let the paints go where they might without thinking about it.


This is the result. Click to enlarge

This is what I got. Looking back now, and analyzing the result, I believe the tree represents the "tree of life" in a divine form - revealing the energy of the creator, and infinite connections in all of his/her glory. We see the tree, are mesmerized by its beauty, then realize we actually are the tree, stretching from heaven to earth, rooted both in this world and the next.


By focusing on the tree - focusing on you being one with it, you connect through your subconscious to a divine energetic matrix where your thoughts manifest reality in both worlds. Through your beliefs, you are in control, whether or not you believe it, but only when you do believe it. By embracing the divine energy of the tree of life, you gain control of your future.




I've made two versions of the Healing Tree. Both original paintings have sold. If you would like me to contact the collectors who own these on your behalf, simply email I also can customize a print on canvas for your particular energy using my paints. It does require I spend some time on the phone with you to get a feel for your energy and intention.  Just respond to this email and let me know if you are interested.


We are also offering top quality giclee prints created from this painting. These are "museum grade" prints which will remain vibrant for over 100 years. They are not only beautiful but also completely and positively change the energy wherever you place them. To get a print or for more information visit


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Amethyst Birdsong

Amethyst Birdsong - Another painting that evokes a healing theta state. Click to enlarge

Theta brain waves are the brain state of your REM sleep (dreams), hypnosis, lucid dreaming, and the barely conscious state just before sleeping and just after waking. The theta state is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world.


By learning to remain conscious while also entering the theta state, we can access and influence our powerful subconscious mind. In this state, like in no other we are capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth. It is the state where we can connect with divine energy and manifest changes in our material world.

This painting depicts a story, captures and transmits the energy of the moment when one individual who was able to reach that state and help many others do the same.




For more information on Jimmy Mack or to contact him, visit: If you have questions for Jimmy, please keep in mind that his time is limited, and like all earthly beings, he has to make a living through his services.



Other Theta-State Images



The Creation Tree 

The Creation Tree

The Creation Tree - Focuses on thought based manifestation and creation of our reality. Click to enlarge and learn more.


Singing Angel Tree - Angelic Healing 

Singing Angel Tree

Singing Angel Tree evokes the state between sleep and consciousness when we feel most at peace. Click to enlarge.


The Peace Tree

Peace Tree

The Peace Tree evokes a theta state focused on one purpose, find peace in ourselves and the world will follow.


Buddha's Light

Buddha's Light

Through meditation Buddhist monks are able to reach a theta state while at the same time being hyper alert (gamma state). This image can become a focal point for meditation and  reaching that state.


About Energy Artist Julia Watkins


Nirvana Big Cartel Revised

Nirvana - A state of bliss. Click to enlarge.


A young prodigy artist who was accepted into art school and began taking graduate level art classes at 16, Energy Artist Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement.


This art movement, consisting of over 1,000 artists worldwide focuses on expanding human consciousness by creating powerful, metaphysical energy enhanced images that deeply affect all those who view them.

Moon Daner

"Moon Dancer" - Earlier Style - Click to enlarge


 Within the energism art movement, Ms. Watkins first created a pioneering"swirly" art style which has been sold in over 30 countries, is in the collections of Carnegie Mellon, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Children's Hospital, and receives over 5 million online impressions per month. 


Over the past year however, Ms Watkins (known online as" Energy Artist Julia") with over 80,000 facebook fans) has moved away from her trademark "swirly" painting style to create a brand new mixed media collection, often focusing on the concept of the "Tree Of Life". 

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon - An emotional versus literal interpretation of energy. Click to enlarge.



This new style was a natural progression within the art movement as Julia grew beyond creating more literal representations of energy and began focusing on impact oriented images that worked on a far more emotional level. To quote one of her collectors -


"This new stuff just blows me away. It completely changes the energy in my home!"- G Carruthers, Denver, CO 


Bluebird - Morning Song

Bluebird Morning Song - Click

Ms. Watkins offers both high quality giclee prints of her paintings and original work
.  Originals are created on metal using fired resins and glass paints.  


You can see a complete portfolio of work, including available prints by CLICKING HERE


If you are interested in original paintings visit: or contact us at: 303-229-1792 or email us at  

Visit our online store at:


More Paintings

Media: Fired resins and glass paints on metal or canvas. 


The Golden Wave

The Golden Wave - Spiritually Transforming -  
Click to enlarge


Zen Poppies Print

Dream Poppies


Oasis Print

Desert Oasis - Sanctuary of the soul.


Firefly Tree

The Firefly Tree - Connect to the eternal cycle of life and rebirth. Communicate with the other side. Click for description


Desert Vision - Prophets' Light

Desert Vision - The Prophets' Light. Focusing daily on this image is said to produce visions and insights.  Click for details.

Other information and interesting facts about Energy Artist Julia


Early Years.  At around 9 years of age a professional artist took Julia under her wing and by 15 had trained her to an advanced level.  She was so advanced that in art school her professors didn't know what to do with her so they put her in graduate level painting classes.


Painting.  When she paints she focuses on charging her creations with as much metaphysical energy as possible while at the same time rendering something that will deeply resonate with the specific person who will own the piece.  Often she does not know who will receive the painting but says she can feel their presence prior to meeting them.  She always feels drained after completing a piece and sometimes collapses.


Dreams.  Much of her inspiration comes from very vivid dreams and in fact, her first swirly painting, First Dream was the result of a powerful dreamlike vision.  You can read more about this in the Edge Magazine Article The Dream That Changed The Art World.  Every night, as she sleeps she enters a world full of beautiful vivid colors, energies and people moving in something like a "dance of life" that points her to new possibilities in her art.


Videos.  Here are links to two videos featuring Ms. Watkins or her work.


Art On TV Interview:

11:11 Video:


Website.  We have not created a website for Julia's new work.  You can see her older work at this website:,,,,,,,,,


Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557
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