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Abundance, prosperity, wellness, vitality, joy, these are words you hear and concepts you may have considered, but are you living in abundance, prosperity, wellness, vitality and joy?
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
What would you do with your life if you knew you would not fail?
What could you achieve if you had all the money and universal support that you needed?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
I am dedicated to bringing peace, health and abundance to clients regardless of the challenges they face.  I have experienced great success guiding clients through a variety of illnesses and life challenges regardless of the cause or duration.  To find out more about me, please see the biography page.
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We often have “programs” or “charges” associated with any number of a variety of issues.  It’s like the bumper cars at the fair.  The cars have a long pole above them that gives off sparks of electricity.  Similarly, the programs running in our minds send up a spark to the universe, saying: “Give me more of the same.” 
If we can pull, delete and cancel these programs then replace them with positive downloads such as, “I am supported by the universe” or “I am the best choice for that job,” then we are sending out different sparks to the universe after which we experience tremendous shifts in our lives. More Questions?
My form of energetic healing is the quickest, least expensive way to make changes in every aspect of your life.  With a mixture of a variety of modalities including Theta.and Matrix Energetics, what I do and observe, has changed my life for the better and my goal is to help others achieve amazing results. Some of the many people that I have learned from includeEckhart Tolle, Richard Bartlett, Vianna Stibal, Wayne Dyer, and  Eric Pearl

My healing methods are a safe, painless alternative for working in the morphic field energetically with the body, mind and spirit.  I am driven yet open to all possibilities about relief as well as results.  I encourage you to read the unsolicited testimonials on my web site to learn more about the transformational power and changes that others have experienced.

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Putting the final touches on my new book, The Tackle Box which is going to be the latest, greatest updated addition to My Liquid Fish.  It will have overviews and updated helpful hints on how to improve your fishing and allow you to dial into deeper, faster results!
In the meantime, just to hold you over is a FREE half hour radio show I recorded for the Law of Attraction Radio Network (tip: I come on at the 25 min mark).  It's all about Love and increasing Love and more receiving in your life. 

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Energy Healer Jimmy Mack - Releases Your Blocks

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  Some people have asked me, “What’s your secret?” Well it’s kind of like the movie The Secret and one of the stars in that movie I have the pleasure of knowing is Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith. Like him I think that I really want to continue to be of service and to contribute!  To all those that joined me when I called into the service and who were in the congregation when I spoke or on the live webinar,
I want to thank you, for allowing me to contribute…Many blessings and may many more follow as you read this now… And special thanks to Rev Michael, Leigh, Paul, Suzi Lula and Scott Steel
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Theta, And Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Some people thought this was an abnormality of light refraction and a camera,
others like myself can see the mystical aspect and the color orbs in the center

Jimmy Mack uses psychic biofeedback, reiki, and other forms of healing like ThetaHealing®, and matrix energetics 
to create manifestation, manifesting abundance and healing miracles similar to stephen roy parker, wayne dyer, 
while using kinesiology, in person, phone and skype worldwide appointments in order to transform body, mind and 
spirit with clients and allow them to experience and co create profound changes in their lives


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Psalms 107:20 He sent his word, and healed them.
Transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit,
People, Places, Pets and Situations!
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